Checking Credit - How Often is Too Often?



Is it possible to check your credit too often? Many people in credit repair programs review their credit report and spot a listing of "too many inquiries" or some variation thereof. In most cases, such a statement has little bearing on credit scores. That is because there are two types of credit inquiries, soft and hard. Soft inquiries occur when potential creditors check your credit before sending you an unsolicited offer of credit.


So you have just applied for a credit card and you have been denied. Or you went to get a cell phone, and you were denied a plan without a HUGE deposit. What steps can you take to rebuild you credit?


Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach every time that you see your credit card statement. Do you wish that you never had a credit card to start with? Lets take a look at what excess credit card debt does and how you can fix it.